ML10X Editor - Node Arrangement in Advanced Mode

Hi. I’m wondering if it would be possible to make it so the editor saves the arrangement of your nodes the way you set them up, rather than auto arranging them? My first example below is the way I want my nodes to stay, it’s easy to see what is connected to what if I need to edit it. But when I click off the preset and back it rearranges it into the second example. So then I have to rearrange it all back before I start to make adjustments. Would be cool if it just stayed as it is until you click the Arrange Nodes button.

Should be possible, but it’s not possible to save it within the device itself… only within the editor. That means if you use the device on a different computer, you won’t be able to load those settings. We’ll make it possible to export and import the data though, similar to the editor settings on the MC editor.

Cool routing btw. Are you using 2 ML10Xs?

Thanks James. There’d be no cool routings with your cool products haha
I’ll put the full routing and a clip of what I’m working on in the lounge, thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

And yes I’m using 2 :slight_smile:

Does it stop after 2. :roll_eyes:
I imagined one would get the job done (Nested in a Boss ES8)
and in no time at all I’m starting to factor in another!

is there an update on the status of node placement after you save a preset? When I come back to a preset, half of the nodes are out of view. you can not zoom out enough to see them all, so you have to drag around to find them and then drag them back into view. I would prefer they stay in a straight line like a default patch over being organize is some random placement with half of them being out of view.