ML10X display update when receiving CC messages


I send CC messages to toggle individual loops. I spent almost one hour trying to understand why it was not working (what i was thinking at that time) because the display did not update when I was sending my CC messages. Maybe I was a bit stupid but I assumed the display will automatically updates to reflect the change.

In fact, it works very well. Simply, the display does not change.

Is this a bug? a feature? I would love to have the loop in the display always reflects its current state and not only its default state.

I hope this could be done.

Thanks for reporting this.

It’s a bug! We’ll publish an updated firmware soon.


Thanks a lot for the confirmation and the future update.

Will these appear on the main Morningstar downloads page or individually on the forum?

We’ll post the beta firmware here first before announcing an update and having it available on our website, similar to how we do it for the MC

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I’ll just post the beta firmware here first. This firmware fixes 1 bug:


Thanks a lot for this update.

I updated my ML10X a few minutes ago and can confirm that the problem is fixed and everything’s working fine.

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Hey @james can I confirm the only tweak was to the display update? For me, the sound changed and I lost either some treble/upper mids and/or a degree of output when loops were engaged. I reverted to the 22nd July update and the signal is back as it was.

I just checked the code and it was only a display fix - nothing else changed. Can you give it another go and let me know if the issue persists? Just to rule out any cable issue.

Looks like it might have been a cable issue - sorry for bothering you. :grimacing: thought I’d checked that before commenting. :pensive:

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No worries - thanks for the update! was hoping we didn’t unknowingly screw something up. Glad to know that the issue is resolved!

I was surprised on both counts as it was a display only related change but lost an element of my sound. I messed with the cables but there was an obvious change, so reverted. Never occurred to me to retry - thank you.

Updating to this beta firmware resolved my CC message issue, as well. Thank you!

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If I JUST got mine from the newest batch, do I need to update to this firmware? I notice that on the support page there is no firmware posted for the ML10x

no need, it should show v1.1.2 on startup which is the latest firmware

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