ML10X and midi chain

My ML10X is inserted in my midi chain AFTER various midi pedals (it is not connected directly to my MC8, which is the first pedal of the chain).
It responds to PC and CC messages transmitted on the channel assigned in the editor, but it doesn’t work if I use the dedicated “Morningstar ML10X midi messages” available in the MC8 editor.
If I connect the ML10X directly to the MC8, all is fine.
Can you help me, please?
Thank you

What other MIDI pedals do you have in your signal chain? Some pedals do not pass SysEx messages through, like the HX Stomp. The ML10X message type is a SysEx message.

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Many many pedals: Starting from the MC8, I have Headrush MX5, TC Triple Delay and Ditto, Boss Sy-300 and OD-200, 5 Chase Bliss pedals, 2 Strymon pedals, Lehle Amplifier Switch, 2 Musicom Lab, Microcosm.
Due to space problems, the ML10X is at the end of the chain…
Thank you for your attention.

It is likely the Microcosm that isn’t passing the SysEx messages through. You can try bypassing the MIDI for that and see if it works.

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I am using an HX Stomp and was planning for my MIDI chain to be:
MC-8 > HX Stomp > ML10X > Meris MIDI

from the sounds of it, I should probably consider
MC-8 > ML10X > HX Stomp > Meris MIDI instead???

Probably yes.

Yes, the HX Stomp do not pass thru MIDI SysEx messages as well.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ll try it and report back. I’ve been struggling getting my toggling working, but just got the MC10 and am just starting to experiment.