ML10 Stereo Output

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to get this to work. Here’s my scenario: all my pedals in the ML10 are mono. I want to split the output to two different modelers. I have an insert cable (TRS to dual TS) in the output going to the two modeler pedals (UAFX), but I’m only able to enable either the tip or ring out in the simple editor. In advanced mode I can split to both tip and ring output, but all the CC loop messages are disabled. Is there anyway to get both (stereo output AND CC loop control)?

Hi. At the moment, engaging/bypassing individual loops is not possible in advanced mode. As you correctly pointed out, advanced mode is for splitting/merging signals and not available in simple mode. If you want to take a particular pedal in or out of your signal chain, you will need to create another advanced preset that includes/excludes that pedal.

We explained what the ML10X does and how it works in this video:

Right, that makes sense. Honestly, I’d prefer to not use advanced mode at this point. The software is still really buggy, and it take way too long to get thing setup. All I’m really wanting to do is mono input with mono effects, and a stereo output.Is this considered advanced routing?

Currently, simple mode allows only the re-ordering of loops, and has no splitting or merging capabilities. We’ll need to look into this as a feature enhancement (mirror output tip to output ring).

I’m trying to figure out some way to do this (and I think he explained some way to do it with a wet/dry/wet rig to me? I didn’t really understand it though) and am thinking I might be able to implement an a/b/y pedal to accomplish this.

Gotcha. Is there anyway to formally log this enhancement request, or do you log it internally?

Interesting, I hadn’t considered adding a separate signal splitter. Since I’m only using mono pedals in the loop, a simple splitter would work. Jsut hate to add another piece of h/w, but it is a simple, relatively low cost solution.

Yes, we do log it internally.

Don’t spend money on an external signal splitter. The ML10X will be able to do this. I’ll look into it this week if possible if not early next week.

Awesome! Really appreciate it. I’ll hold off on the h/w. I can get by another week or so by setting up a few advanced presets and calling those up with my MC8.

While you’re looking into this, would you also consider exploring whether it would be possible to mirror the input tip to input ring? Without going into too much unnecessary detail, it would be very helpful for how I’m using the device with stereo pedals and allow me to use it in simple mode.

Thank you for considering!

Just to clarify, your ask is something like this?


For my use, it would be this:

20221202 ML10X Stereo Output Beta.hex (350.8 KB)

You can give this firmware a try and let me know how it works for you? The updated logic for Simple mode is that if Output Ring is unused, it will mirror Output Tip, so there isn’t any changes you need to do in each Preset.

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Thanks for the info… We can look into it but will take longer as this will likely involve some additional settings in the editor as well.

Thanks! I’ll give this a shot this afternoon and let you know.

Just loaded the f/w and did a quick test. Seems to be working as expected. I’ll run it through some more advanced tests today and let you know if there are any issues. Thanks again!

So you were able to get stereo output and cc loop control?

Yep. Just to be clear though, this is all in simple mode. CC control is still not available in advanced mode. I don’t need advanced thought, so this addressed my use case perfectly.

Right, me either but as soon as I saw you were having problems with stereo and cc control, I was :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: (i have an ml10x on the way).

Checking into any updates here. A common simple use would be last loop run in stereo and output stereo. Does the beta above help with this too or only to mirror the output currently?