Mission SP-1 switch as AUX Switch? (also: TR-to-TRS cable possible?)


I just got my MC8 and I love it.
I am trying however to use it with my Mission SP-1 which has an integrated latching switch which I would like to toggle between volume and wah.
The out of the Mission switch is mono (TR), and I already saw that plugging a TR into an aux of the MC8 basically makes it freeze. However, I believe there should be a way to map the TR combinations to TRS combinations so that it triggers one of the 3 aux presets. (I was able to do this with other controllers in the past).
Does anyone know how to, or has suggestions?
Thanks a lot!

I think that the SP-1 socket for switch is 6.3 mm TRS. Have you already tried to use a TRS cable?

I have, and it doesn’t work. Actually now that I think of it the real issue might be that the MC8 expects momentary signals, whereas the SP1 is latching?

Yes, the switches need to be momentary. Also, the cable needs to be TRS. If you use a TS cable (or any other expression pedal/aux switch that supports TS), the MC8 will read it as a switch being pressed down (because Ring is shorted to Ground in a TS cable), so the MC8 will seem like it is frozen.

The supported schematic for an aux switch can be found in the manual.

So the sp-1 aux switch is a no go? Can it work as momentary? Anybody know? Probably not?