Mission - EP-25-Pro Aero Expression latching kit retrofit for on/off or use switch on MC8?

I recently ordered a Mission - EP-25-Pro Aero Expression EP-25-PROGC from my local music retailer Steve’s in Toronto Canada. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the SP-25M-PRO Aero for sale anywhere in Canada (the one with 3 outputs and a momentary switch to turn things on/off). I read online that there is a latching kit available that allows you to modify the pedal so that it has the momentary switch and 3rd output. Is this true? If so have you done it? Are there any instructions available on how to do this? I will be using the pedal with a Morningstar MC8 Midi controller - If I can’t retrofit the pedal can I program one of the MC*’s switches to do the same thing? e.g. turn wah on/off etc.