Mission Engineering’s SP1 toe switch controlling Helix rack

I am using a Mission Engineering SP1 with an MC6 mkII and a MC8 to control a helix rack. I have the toe switch on the SP1 set to act as the toe switch to switch between Exp 1 and Exp 2. Using a CC of 59 and a value of 127 to switch on position 1 and a CC 59 value 0 for position 2. This should work as it does when I use a single button momentary switch to switch between the two. My problem is the first time I click the toe switch it works as it should, however on the next press it does nothing. Then on the third time it switches back. It’s like the second press does nothing. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong? I thought I read somewhere that the switch in the SP1 is a latching type and toggles between ring and sleeve. If this is so, how do I make it work?

The issue is that the switch is latching. Morningstar MIDI controllers required non-latching external aux switches. So what is happening now is that your first press closes the circuit (triggers the first press), the second press opens the circuit (does nothing), the third press closes the circuit (triggers the second press).

Ok, so I need to replace that switch with a momentary normally open switch then? Thanks Brandon!

Yes, that is correct! You are most welcome.