Minimal Board - Widi

A lot of people here seem to be posting “small” boards, that I wouldn’t really consider small at all. Some of them look bigger than what I’d have If I attached everything I own onto one board.

So here’s my attempt at minimalism!

I’ve been setting my board up to control DAW and Plugins on PC. I’m trying to lean hard into the digital realm. This is the future after all! The MC6 is great for this purpose, if slightly overpowered.

I have the Widi jack stuck on the underside of the board.

I’m considering getting a battery bank, to make this thing fully wireless, but for now I just have the power plugged in, which is still pretty convenient. I can plug it in to the wall on the opposite side of the room , with no cables between my board and the PC to trip over.

The D’Addario XPND 1 Pedalboard fits really well with a MC6 Pro + Dunlop (x) mini when in it’s smallest configuration. There’s plenty of space for expansion if I want to add additional expression or buttons for the omniports. I have one Loopi Aux switch ready to go, but have left it off for now. I kind of like the really minimal version, but the ability to add and remove these as I need in the moment is pretty neat.

Below is an example of what you can do with the fully expanded board. The two pedals to the left of the Loopi are just to give an idea of size, they are the same standard pedal box as the Loopi Aux switch.

The only downside with the widi is no keyboard shortcuts, which I was using pretty heavily for some applications. In this situation I can replace the power cable with a long USB. But I find USB-C connection can be a bit hit and miss, and often gets knocked out if someone leaves a door open and a light breeze makes its way inside.

I’m thinking that strain relief in the form of a short USB-C to USB-A cable, and tethering that to the board with a cable tie might help alleviate this issue. Then I could plug in a long standard USB cable, as these seem to be a bit more of a robust connection than the “new and improved” version C.


Despite the small size, this pedal board is pretty heavy, which does help stop it scooting around the study as I use it.

This also might be a great option for people who aren’t quite as keen on getting rid of all their shiny pedals, but want to maybe have a small control board, separate from their expensive pedal board that can be tucked away somewhere safe from the front row’s drinks, with connections via Widi Jacks, or even DIN cables.

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