Midibox required or just the right cable

I don’t see any clear answers to this.

I am adding ann MC8 and a Chase Bliss Brother pedal.

Do I really need a MIDI Box if have the correctly wired 5 pin to TRS cable? it seems like overkill for one port. My 3 other pedals are 5 pin only and i have a 4 port 5-pin midi thru box.

but i need a new cable for the CBA pedal and before i buy it, i read this:

> requires pin 2 of the controller’s MIDI output to be connected to ground. If you’re not sure whether your controller supports this, please contact your device manufacturer for more info.

Can someone clarify ?


No you do don’t need a midi box with the latest release 3.8… just configure the expression 1/4 to send midi. You just need A TRS cable.

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thanks John. I just ordered a cable for it. lots of proprietary choices on that midi flavor.