Midibox - full size midi out

I really like the idea of the midi box and it would fix a few problems for me, however I have a few guitar pedals that want the full size 5 pin midi cable, is there a way to use the 8 outputs that have TRS sockets to connect to the 5 pin midi pedals, this would allow me to
a.) have a single box - that’s small and good
b.) control my TRS midi pedals
c.) control my 5 pin midi pedals that have no out or through capability

Could the 8 isolated midi outs be used to connect to a 5 pin midi device ?

Google “TRS to 5 pin MIDI” - adaptors are pretty widely available.

If you want another alternative, this box works flawlessly for me. 5 pins and 1/4. MIDI Box 4 — Disaster Area Designs