Midibox + empress, eventide and meris for ableton live

hi, i have meris polymoon(trs) and empress echosystem(trs) and eventide space(5din). i want to control them as external effect for mixing and producing using ableton live 11. is it possible to connect all these pedals to morningstar midi box so i can send clock to them? is midi box compatible with all three of my pedal?

I have done Ableton Midi Clock Out > MC6 DIN Midi Out > Strymon Timeline. The biggest issue is the pedals can have trouble resolving to the exact tempo via midi clock. For example, I have a note that the Timeline worked great from 20 - 199bpm (outside of a few rounding errors like 187bpm, 193bpm being off by 1) and after that I would not trust it. Other pedals may vary as well in how well they handle midi clock. I can not remember the exact reason, but I would hazard a guess that signal is just not precise enough for something like delay where it can really make a difference when the pedal resolves it just slightly off.