MIDI Via Omniport Not Working

I’m trying to send MIDI through an Omniport on my MC8 to a pedal and it’s not working, and it has worked previously. I’m trying to send PC messages through OP 2, set to MIDI Out - Standard. I can see it sending the messages through the MIDI Monitor, to the right channel, and the pedal is on the right channel as well. As I said, I’ve done this before and it worked perfectly. Before, I was sending MIDI to the pedal through OP 1, but now I have OP 1 set to expression which is controlled by an expression pedal. Now, as I said earlier, the pedal is connected to OP 2, and it’s not working. The only thing I’ve changed in the whole setup is which OP I’m using. I tried OP 3 and that didn’t work either. The MC8 hasn’t come under any damage, and I tried the other MIDI Out options too and nothing worked, so I’m at a loss. I haven’t updated my firmware in a few months, but as I said before, it was working when I had it set up like this a few months ago too.

Seems highly likely a cable issue. Have you tried using a different cable?

The omniports are all software implemented, and are all independent so if one stops working (never happened before), using a different omniport will have a different result

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I have not, but it’s brand new straight out of the package so that was last on my mind. I’ll try that though!