MIDI transform function and MC8 possible?

A MIDI transform function would be a powerful feature if it could be implemented.

I’ve got a setup with the MC8, Yamaha DTX M12 (drum pads), Helix Stomp (guitar modeller) and Boss RC-500 (looper). The RC-500 needs to see two CC messages to engage a function (one CC at 128, one CC at 0). The DTX M12 can send MIDI messages, but only single messages with each pad strike. Would be great if I could turn on/off the looper from the drum pads, with the MC8 in between transforming a single MIDI CC command to the two CC messages needed to turn on/off the looper.

There are plenty of other more complicated examples I can think of. With the MC8 at the heart of your setup, you could possibly have multiple messages sent out to multiple devices resulting from one message received. Not sure if this is within the realms of possibility, but it would be a fantastic feature.

In the V3.9 firmware in beta now, we added the midi event processor feature which lets you map up to 16 incoming midi events. Sounds like this any solve your requirements?



That’s amazing!

Customer service at Morningstar is second to none!

Will it be possible to convert a single incoming CC to to multiple CCs? Alternatively, would an incoming CC be able to activate a preset on the MC8?

Don’t think you can do one in, many out. But MC8 will accept incoming midi to recall Presets etc

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As @moley6knipe said, you can definitely send the MC8 messages to engage presets. As for the many in, one out scenario, I can imagine being able to do this with multiple event processors, but I haven’t personally explored this feature yet.

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Recalling presets will be a brilliant addition!

Perhaps the MC8 will be able to pass the unaltered MIDI event as well as a processed event? ie. IN: PC 25; OUT: PC 25 + PC 32.

Looking at the screenshot in the manual that @james linked, I think what you describe might be possible. I would recommend trying https://editor-mkii-staging.morningstar.io/ in Chrome browser from your laptop / MacBook (that’s the beta firmware editor). There’s an offline mode that should give you an idea of possible event processing.

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@james - I think there’s a bug with the editor GUI for the event processor - was just about to try setting it up as @zimlen described (not that I have any devices to send MIDI in to MC to actually test it!)

For any of the 16 messages, where I set the From to PC, the ‘From value’ dropdown seen for CC, Note on, note off persists - guessing it shouldn’t?

MC6 MkII. Firmware 3.9.0 2021-09-13. Editor v1.1.6 Beta, Windows Chrome.

@zimlen - I have no idea if this would work, but as an example the Event Processor will accept this… now, whether that actually takes PC 25 in and sends PC 23 and PC 25 out is unknown to me… anyone out there who sends MIDI in to their MC able to try this and report back what happens?


Thanks for the heads up. Yes the From Value should not be there when you select PC. Will fix that.

Currently though, only the first mapped message will engage. So if you set 2 rows with the same From settings, only the first will engage. I’ll look into changing that as well.

If you need more messages, you can look into setting the Map at setting to Map at Input, and then set the Map To event to engage the controller’s preset. So the flow will be something like "on receiving PC message, map it to CC#10 Value 0 message, which engages Preset A with nothing actions

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