MIDI to USB - Can I Use the USB B Out?

I have an MC6 that I need to connect or send MIDI messages from pressing its foot switches to an iPad. I will add in that in addition to MIDI messages, I am also sending audio to the same iPad. I am using a USB hub to send MIDI and audio to my iPad: USB C Hub Detachable Cable | 1G Ethernet, 4K HDMI, 100W PD, USB 3.0 | Aluminum | uni®

My initial approach is to use a MIDI to USB cable to send the MIDI messages.
QUESTION 1: The MC6 has a USB B out (I think that’s what it is), which is to my understanding used to connect the MC6 to your PC to set the functionality of the foot switches. I’ve used a USB B cable to connect my MC6 to my PC before to do the setup/config.
Does this exact same USB B connection - send out MIDI messages when you press the foot switch? In other words, can I just run a USB B cable to my USB hub, and will send out those messages that can go to my iPad?

QUESTION 2: Does the MC6 support WIDI, aka a specific hardware and software protocol for wireless MIDI.

Thank You!!

Hi! In theory you should be able to send data out of the MC’s USB and to an iPad. If your ipad is usb C then try a B to C cable direct to the ipad first. Else you’ll need something like a camera adaptor for the iPad’s lightning socket. I’m guessing you’ve probably got this covered already if you’re already using an iPad for music stuff.

If that works, then try it through your hub (the general rule of thumb is that using usb hubs with the MC works best if they don’t have eg hdmi, Ethernet, SD slots etc, but you may get lucky!)

oooOOOHHhhh geee - My hub does have an SD slot, an ethernet, and all the goodness…

QUESTION - One more… does Morningstar have an iOS app, to configure its MIDI controllers, or is only PC apps?

I got the USB from the MC6 through my Uni brand USB hub, to my iPad. I got it to send MIDI messages to the iPad.