Midi thru out of 5 pin into USB?

OK so here’s the situation. I’ve got an MC6 on the way to control my Boss tube amp expander. It’s got Midi in and thru.

I am wanting to add an eventide tricerachorus pedal into the rack with the TAE and turn it on/off via Midi. The tricera uses a mini usb connector for midi and I would like to use the MC6 to send a command through the TAE to the tricera to turn the chorus pedal on/off but I don’t know how to do this (if it’s possible)

The TAE has an effects loop I can control with the MC6 but it’s mono and kinda sucks the life out of the sound if I’m being honest and I want to run the L/R stereo outputs of the TAE into the Tricera and then stereo out to the PA/monitor as the TAE already has stereo reverb and delay.

Any ideas?

Edit: I overlooked this in the manual but it looks like the tricera can also use a standard TRS connection to receive midi. would this mean I just need a 5 pin midi to TRS cable?

Not familiar with that device, but there are different types of TRS midi (no standard) to watch out for so if you go the 5 pin to TRS you may need a specific cable. The MC6 however can send TRS midi out of the Omniports (configurable) and you’d just need a simple TRS cable. As far as the USB midi I believe you’d need a USB host as the MC6 doesn’t act as one.

Yeah I am thinking just running TRS from an Omni port will be the easiest and cheapest route as I already have a few that can reach from my board and easy to find a replacement same day if needed.

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