MIDI thru issues

Hi I’m running midi from a MC6 mkii to control a preamp mkii, Volante, H9 and Synaesthesia. I can’t seem to run a MIDI chain to control them all. The best I can do is preamp mkii>Synaesthesia>Volante but if I try to add the H9 the messages won’t get to it.

Curiously, if I run the Volante before the Synaesthesia, then the Synaesthesia won’t work. If I run the H9 after the preamp mkii, it will work, but not after Volante or Synaesthesia.

I’m sure it’s something obvious, but can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

It is the MIDI Thru setting on the Volante. You need to set it to Through

From the Volante manual: