Midi through Tap Tempo Issue

Wasn’t sure whether to post this in the Boss or Line 6 sub forum however hoping for some advice. I am tearing my hair out trying to get tap tempo working correctly from my Boss RC500 sent through MC6 to an HX stomp.

I have the MC6 working perfectly controlling both the RC500 and the Stomp however problems start as soon as I connect the cable between the boss midi out and the MC6 midi in. As soon as that is connected, the stomp tap tempo light changes to blue and seems to sync however the MC6 no longer works - no presets change, rhythm play stop will play one drum beat then go haywire as if there is some feedback loop. The only fix is to disconnect the midi in from the MC6 and reboot.
The two button external foot switch on the Boss which I have set to memory up and down, also changes patches on the stomp.
My settings are:
Boss -
RX Ctl ch 5
RX Note CH 5
TX CH 3 (stomp is set to RX Channel 3)
Sync clock Internal (have also tried set to midi)
Clock out ON
Midi Thru MIDI OUT

Midi clock persist ON
Midi Thru ON
Cross Midi Thru ON
Ignore midi clock OFF
Midi channel 16

HX Stomp
Midi base channel 3
Midi Thru OFF
RX midi clock ON
TX midi clock OFF
Tempo select global

The cable set up is boss midi out to MC6 5 pin midi in
MC6 midi to boss via Omniport 1
MC6 5 pin midi out to Stomp.

I hope I have given enough detail. BTW - I don’t want to have the MC6 sending midi clock to both devices as the MC6 clock out affects the tempo of pre recorded loops in the boss which is not workable.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

The MC6 MIDI Thru and Boss MIDI Thru are both turned on, so when a message is sent from the MC6 to the Boss, it gets sent back to the MC6 and out again, resulting in an infinite loop, which will cause the issues you are facing.

If I understood correctly, you just want to use the MIDI clock from the RC500 to send it to the HX Stomp? Why not connect it like this?
MC6 >> Boss >> HX Stomp

Thanks James, that makes sense. I’ll try that.

Out of curiousity and on the basis that the infinite loop is between the boss and the MC6, why would that cause the weird glitching on the stomp though? They are all on different channels.

On the routing - I set it up the way I had it based on available cables. To go your suggested way I need two trs to 5 pin cables and I only have one. If necessary I guess I’ll go cable shopping…

Update - those changes worked, even with the current cable arrangement. I also turned PC change send to OFF which solved the issue of the stomp changing banks when I used the boss external foot switch to change memory slots.

Thanks again James!!

I have a similar issue trying to run my MC6 in chain with a Boss RC-500 and a DD-200. I have yet to figure a way to send a tap tempo to the DD200 without also changing the tempo of loops I’ve already just recorded live on the RC-500 (which stretches out what I’ve recorded to match the time of the new tempo).

My work around is to have the RC-500 ignore midi clock and I use one of the onboard foot switches for loop taps (MC6 handles most of my actual loop controls via midi)

Any other ideas on how to set a Tempo on the RC-500 and then after the fact tap a tempo to another pedal in the same midi chain?

I’m not sure what messages other than Clock are being sent between the RC500 and the MC6, but if we look at Clock messages alone, if the RC500 is generating MIDI clock and passing it to the MC6 and then the MC6 passes it back to the RC500. After this, the RC500 passes it back to the MC6, on top of the additional clock messages it is generating, so the number of messages travelling in a loop increases very quickly. The MC6 passes incoming messages out to the Omniports as well, so it’s sending all that MIDI clock messages to the HX Stomp. I’m guessing that high frequency of MIDI messages might cause the glitch you are seeing.

Do you have the MC6 set up with a tap tempo button? If you do and the MIDI command is set as midi tap or midi clock, then the looper will take whatever the MC6 tap clock is set to and apply it to your recorded loop. If you want to have tap on the MC6, I suggest you change the MC6 tap setting to a CC # instead that you then set as tap tempo under an a midi assign in the RC500. This means you are using the looper midi clock to set the delay tempo, but setting the looper tempo from the MC6 via a control change.

To have the looper and the delay opening with different tempos perhaps you could set the loop tempo from the looper itself as you are doing, then on the MC6 tap button, program this for the dd200 to first ignore midi clock, say with a long press (although not sure if the DD200 has this as an option) then send the tempo as a CC using a press. Would be interesting to see if this would work. If you never need synced tempos between the looper and delay, then just send the delay tempo by CC.

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I didn’t even think or checking on using assign on the RC-500 for tempo. That would allow me to turn off midi clock there and just send to the DD200. Thanks! The DD200 is a little limited on midi implementation but this is a work around it seems. Currently I have the RC-500 using “Auto” and it does a decent job of determining what tempo I’m playing with but this would open more complex looping for me

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