Midi start command question

Hi I was wondering about midi start being required before you start midi clock is this correct?

Also if I run midi start do I only have to run it once or everytime I enter a bank or something or is it something I just run on the same switch and the same press as midi clock?

I think it really depends on the device you are controlling. I’ve not come across a product (yet) which requires the Start message to start accepting MIDI Clock.

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Well I’m using a hologram microcosm and it doesn’t work either way if I use midi start or not but I thought I read somewhere that you have to send it before it acknowledges midi tap cause I’ve got it set on the mc8 and it’s flashing at what I tapped in but the pedal doesn’t even acknowledge anything was sent.

So far I’ve been selling off any pedals I can’t get midi to work with so atm my last pedal has 8 hours left on eBay. So far all I’ve gotten to work with my mc8 is itself.


What other MIDI devices have you tried using the MC8 with?

I had tried it with my axe fx but it’s only got partial midi support. It does switch banks on axe fx tho. Somehow I must have bumped or nudged he midi channel setting(or it was just too late for me). I have gotten the looper functions to work but I still get lost in my current navigation or lack of. I was off by one but I consider that math so I have an excuse. I got it working like 15 minutes after ranting. 🤦🏻