MIDI Real Time Start vs MMC Start

I am trying to control the transport controls on my AKAI MPC Live II, using my MC8.

If I set up the MC8 to send MIDI Real Time Start, it has no effect on the Live II (except that the Live II shows MIDI activity and its MIDI Monitor shows it has received “FA” from the MC8). But it does not start playback, as I would expect. However, the Song Position command DOES work.

I tried my HX Stomp XL. I set one of its switches up to MMC PLAY and another to MMC STOP. They both work as expected with the Live II. However, the XL has no way to rewind my sequence back to the beginning, as the MC8’s Song Position command can do.

I seem to remember that there is a difference between MIDI Real Time commands and MMC commands. Is that true? If so, can the MC8 be made to send MMC commands, such as START and STOP?

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Actually, MMC messages are just SysEx messages based on a certain structure while the real time Start and Stop messages are “native” MIDI messages.

A MMC Play message should look like this
F0 7F 7F 06 02 F7

We can probably look into adding MMC start and stop next week - I just need to go back to office to confirm what the HX stomp is sending for MMC

Thank you for the quick reply. It would really be helpful to have the “real” MMC messages available.

Happy New Year!


I thought I would try to enter the command you sent me as a Sysex message. I’m good at MIDI, but not an expert at Sysex messages. Your editor doesn’t allow me to enter the message exactly as you wrote it out. It has to be broken into four sections. I’m assuming initial F0 and ending F7 don’t have to be entered and that the message would be broken up like this:

7F 7F 06 02

But when I try that, nothing happens on the MPC. Am I inputting it wrong?

If it helps, this is what your MIDI Monitor shows when I hit PLAY and STOP:

Timestamp Device Type Data Channel
13:10 27:736 Line 6 HX Stomp System Exclusive F0 7F 7F 06 01 F7
13:10 26:128 Line 6 HX Stomp System Exclusive F0 7F 7F 06 02 F7

Yes, the SysEx start and end values do not need to be added.

So in the editor it will look like this:

Which will translate the values to below:

You can go to www.midimonitor.com to verify the SysEx messages being sent from the controller (just FYI that while connected to the editor, the controller also sends other SysEx messages to communicate with the editor)

Thanks! I tried it both ways, and each time it didn’t work with the MPC. I’m really not sure why. I’ll hope you can implement the MMC commands and see how that goes.



Did the MIDI monitor show the same SysEx messages (like with the HX Stomp) when you trigger the preset on the MC8?

Your server will only allow one picture at a time, so this will be the first of three emails in reply.

This picture shows the MC8 sending the MMC START message:

Reply 2

It looks like this in the editor:

This is the MIDI Monitor screen when I send MMC START from the HX Stomp XL:

The MIDI Monitor in the Editor currently does does not display SysEx messages.

You can use the same MIDI Monitor (www.midimonitor.com) you used for the HX Stomp to check the outgoing SysEx messages from the MC8. The settings look correct in the editor.

This is what it displays from the MC8 using the Sysex START message (not the Real Time START message).



Looks the same as what the HX Stomp is sending.

I think I know the issue - the HX Stomp does not pass SysEx messages through - hence your MPC Live cannot receive the SysEx or even MMC messages if sent from the MC8.

Just to be clear, in both cases the devices were connected DIRECTLY to the MPC, with no intermediary device using a MIDI THRU. I tried, for both the MC8 and the STOMP, the USB and DIN connections to the MPC.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you wrote, but it sounds as though you are assuming I had the STOMP between the MC8 and MPC. I didn’t. I tried the MC8 and the STOMP separately and independently.

ah ok, yeah i thought you had the MC connected to the stomp first. So you’re connecting it to the DIN5 midi out port right? not the omniport?

I just published v3.9.7 beta today with the MMC controls, but they would be doing the same thing, sending SysEx messages. Can you give it a try and see if it works for you? You’ll need to use the staging editor for this


That worked.

Specifically, the MMC PLAY command does exactly what I want it to. It starts the MPC sequence exactly as the same command on the STOMP does. I tried it with both a 5-pin DIN cable and a USB cable (the MPC has two USB-A ports). Worked in both cases. This is great!

Your customer service and responsiveness are truly superb, James. This isn’t the first time you got a fix out for me very quickly; I appreciate that very much. It’s why I own all three of your current MIDI controller devices and the ML5. I know I can depend on them.