Midi "press" not working but "release" works

I am creating a “Home/Clean” preset that toggles my 7 midi pedals to a default preset and toggles all effects off. All was working well, but after adding multiple press actions my Sunset and Collider stopped receiving changes. When I switched the action to “release” for those pedal actions they began to work again.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Is there a limit to “press” actions? Thanks for the help!

Can you share a screenshot of your editor settings so I can have a better idea of what’s going on? Thanks!

Here is my preset. 1 of 2

here is my preset 2 of 2

There’s no limit to how many press actions you can use, but it sounds like the Sunset/Collider cannot receive so many MIDI messages at the same time. Adding a delay might help, or in your case, changing it to release adds a delay in the MIDI messages being sent out as well (from the Press messages). You can verify that the MIDI messages are being sent by the controller (with the press action) via the MIDI Monitor.

It’s normal for some of my pedals. To calculate the necessary delay, I started with 10ms and increased 10ms between tests until they start to respond correctly. Probably the necessary delay depends up on the processing power and the complexity of the process triggered on the device. As an example I needed 20ms on Headrush Looperboard to do consecutive Play/Overdub loops (I allways want a recorded track go to play status before overdub) and 200ms SingleSoung BeatBuddy to trigger a rhythm transition (it needs 2 consecutive CC113 with value 1 and 0 to do it).