Midi persist issues - help!

I have my MC6 controller set to BPM scroll and set to MIDI persist. To my understanding, this setting should continually be sending out a BPM to my time-sensitive pedals and it works until…

I change a preset on my H9 or BRIG. As soon as I scroll to a new preset on those pedals, the effects are not in sync. If I select a preset from my time-based pedals first and THEN press the BPM scroll all is good. However, as soon as I change programs on the H9 or BRIG…things are not in sync. It is like the PROGRAMS ARE OVERRIDING THE MIDI PERSIST from my MC6 controller.

MC6 - H9 - ML5 - BRIG

Replied via email but just to add info here:

You can determine if the MC6 PRO is generating MIDI clock by looking at the BPM indicator. If it is RED and blinking, then MIDI Clock is being sent. If it is Black, then it is not generating MIDI clock.

In this case, it is generating MIDI clock still. So the behaviour is on the H9 or Brig.