MIDI out ports and channels - how many are there

Apologies if this has been discussed or if the answer is otherwise obvious. I am new to Morningstar and still learning my way through it. I am not however a complete MIDI newbie so this question is to do with a particular expectation I’ve had based on experience with other MIDI gear.
How many MIDI channels are there on Morningstar devices? I have MC6 Pro and it has several MIDI out ports, however it looks like ports don’t add channels. What I expect is for a device having, let’s say, two MIDI ports, to be able to send MIDI to 32 channels - 16 on port 1 and 16 on port 2. I was just daydreaming about selling my MPC X, which is capable of sending MIDi to 96 MIDI channels (4 DIN MIDI ports = 64 channels and 2 USB MIDI ports = 32 channels, all separate from each other). The MC6 Pro has multiple out ports but it looks like they share the same MIDI channels. I saw today that there is a new beta fw, which allows the user to select an out port per channel - but does this mean that I’ll be able to have let’s say two different channels 8 - one to send MIDI via the USB port, the other one via the DIN MIDI port?
Again, apologies if the question is silly and the answer is obvious. Even so I’d really appreciate it if someone points me in the right direction.

You can use the MIDI Output Mask feature to achieve what you mentioned: Message Type List

Thanks! I just tried it and it works:)
It is a bit clunky as I’ll now have to set this for every preset, also I’ll lose one of the 16 messages within the preset to set the mask, plus I’ll be limited to sending MIDI to the same out port within a preset - but given how much flexibility the Morningstar offers otherwise, it’s a pretty good workaround.
(I might keep the MPC X just in case! :wink:)
Thanks again!