MIDI OUT from H9 to MC6

I´m trying to communicate my H9 with my MC6 MKII. I´ve been able to program the preset changes with blink option using toggle status whenever one preset is active (or deactivated), but I¨m trying also to do the opposite; I mean, whenever I activate a preset directly on the H9 to send the MIDI message out to the MC6 so it can stop or start the Blink (changing the toggle status, of course)
The H9 has an option to create a MIDI Program Change Transmit Map but I¨m unable to make it work on the MC6, Is possible to do this? Any tips?
Thanks in advance.


Here is a link to the manual for midi CC messages… https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/181699012/MC6+v3.7#CC-Messages
You want to use Clear Toggle (All) or or Clear Toggle (Individual) on CC#3 depending on your need.
It should work fine as long as you are sending on the assigned MC6 channel to the unit. I use those particular CC commands all the time.

I would check on the H9s ability to send a CC message, but my gear is still sitting in the car from a gig last night. I’ll check on that later and add anything else helpful if needed.

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Thank you! That would be the key, but still I´m unable to understand the way the Eventide unit would send this CC#3 to the MC6. I´m trying with the XMT CC menu on the H9 (Transmit MIDI Continuous Control Menu) with no luck. Maybe if you tell me your H9 settings I can make it work here. Thanks for helping!

Oh sorry, I did understand that you used CC commands with the H9, now I see that you have to check. If you find something tell me about it because I think that´s impossible to send a particular CC message (you can indeed send a PC message from H9 to MC6, but is no use for what I´m trying to do)

thank you!

A quick update.
I found for the H9 to send CC messages to the MC6 through external aux switch or expression pedal, but not for the main footswitches on the unit…

I’ve come to all the same conclusions too. It doesn’t have the midi send capabilities to something like the L6 Helix.
For a while I controlled the on/off of the H9 on my board with my MC8, but then I realized it wasn’t that far and just went with turning it on/off directly on the unit to save an MC8 button. I’ll trigger it sometimes with the MC8 if I have a big multi pedal combo preset.