Midi omniport midi out extra midi channels

If I set an omniport to midi, can I direct midi to that port only or will the midi message go out of all midi ports regardless?

Yes, currently it sends out to all MIDI outputs. We’re aware that some (quite a small number) users want to be able to route the MIDI to specific outputs. We plan to review this requirement and the feasibility for this. How many devices are you trying to control?

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Hi thanks for the reply.
Believe it or not I’m almost out of midi channels. Due to the Jupiter x taking a bunch for each part. I’m planning on buying a Strymon night sky and control it via my mc8. The Digitone and rytm take a bunch of channels too so to be able to separate blocks of 16 I would find very useful.
Some channel conflicts can be allowed depending on what data is being sent but to make things easier being able to isolate the omniports midi would be wonderful.

Also I would like to control some functions on my mx1 so to have a direct connection would be very useful.