MIDI noise when connecting MC6 Strymon v2 and Microcosm

My midi chain is MC6>Hologram Microcosm>Strymon Deco v2 (midi to TRS). When the Strymon effect is engaged i get some audible oscillation sounds that aren’t there If the midi is unplugged to the Strymon.

Do I need a midi conduit box to clean up the signal?


I’d be surprised if it’s midi itself is the issue although a possibility. What’s more likely is a grounding issue. How are the pedals being powered?

All pedals are being powered with voodoo lab pedal power 2 and the Strymon deco v2 is powered with its factory power supply.

Strymon pedals are notorious of causing ground loop noise because of missing optoisolators. They sell dedicated cables to tackle that issue.

but why the noise only when I’m connected with the MIDI cable I"m using which is a Morningstar Midi to TRS cable?

It’s most likely the midi signal that is leaking into the audio signal. That’s what I was talking about.

The Strymon TRS MIDI cables do not have the required opto-isolators built in, which is why they sell this cable with a built-in isolator: MIDI EXP Cable - Strymon

You can find more info about the noise issue here as well: There is MIDI Noise in my Audio signal

Thank you James very helpful!