Midi noise *increases* with each connection

I’ve searched the forums and seen reference to MIDI noise and I’ve worked through as many issues as I possibly can, but I’m stumped. Every time I add a midi device to my MC8 there is an increase in MIDI noise, most noticeable with my expression pedal.

My setup:

MC8 → ML5 → CB Preamp → Walrus R1 → Strymon Iridium (w/ opto-isolator cable)


Aux 1 & 2 - Analogue Endeavors multi-switches
Aux 3 - Moog expression pedal
Aux 4 - MIDI TRS Empress Echosystem (not adding any MIDI noise)

I’ve tried as many configurations as possible. They each have minimal (though audible) noise and it stacks every time I add a connection, regardless of order.

Any ideas?

What’s powering all of this? Does your power supply give you isolated power outlets?

Forgot to mention that. Yes, isolated power using Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 3 Plus

SOLVED: I switched out one of the connecting TRS cables (not MIDI) and it took care of it. No more switching and clicking.

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