MIDI LFOs and Sequences should be Interrupted by a new press of the same switch

Hey all, I have a feature request RE the LFO and sequence generators. They should re-start with each new push of the pedal, even if the current sequence or LFO is not finished.

E.g., I am programming a Freeze effect using a delay pedal with a natural sounding decay. I am using a momentary switch on my morningstar which needs to turn the wet sound ON when I’m holding the pedal and OFF when I release. For ON I use a normal CC message at 127, and for OFF I use a single shot saw down LFO from 127 → 0 over 500 ms. If I push the switch again before this decay process is finished (i.e., < 500 ms), the current saw down does NOT stop, and I fail to freeze the current note being played because the wet value continues to 0.

I’m requesting an option whereby any new press of the switches on the morningstar interrupt any currently ongoing LFO or Sequence, restarting them at that moment. That way, I can program a decay like this, but I can start a new freeze at any moment instead of having to wait 500 ms.

I seek this behaviour (p=press, r=release).

CC values over time:

--\      ----\ --\        127
   \          \   \         
    \              \
     \---           \---  0
| |      |   | | |
p r      p   r p r
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That’s easy to fix - add a Press action to stop the LFO before you send the max-value CC.


Amazing, thank you!

Is there a way to chain commands? Like after one press, run message 2,3,4 sequentially?

If you put several Press actions into a preset, the device will execute them all in order every time it receives a Press on that preset. If you want to execute the next command from a list every time you Press a preset, then you need to use the Preset Message Scroll feature on that preset.