Midi Issues On Compadre

hi there! i have been having so much trouble making my compadre talk nicely to the rest of my board and its driving me mad. here’s the issue, it seems that whenever i send a midi message to my compadre, there is a really frustrating audio drop out. im running a full midi board, everything listening to PCs and CC data with every preset. and I’ve narrowed it down to just the compadre being the trouble maker. at first i thought, while it sucks, MAYBE its just not so good at handling actual preset changes . so i decided to create some of my compadre presets from scratch through morningstar presets full of CC messages . however, upon engaging the morningstar presets, the same gap was happening. Ive noticed it really doesn’t do it at all if i manually press the Comp or Boost switch ON the compadre itself. But if i send it CC messages to do the same thing (bypass or engage it, etc ), that gap is back.

is this a common problem? is that by design? anyone know if there’s anyway to solve that? or maybe even just some creative workarounds? thanks in advance!

((((if it helps at all, my board currently is compadre > bossOD200 > GenLossMKII >H90 >EmpressVerb >EQ2 with the MC6Pro the brain of it. Compadre, EmpressVerb, GenLoss all receiving midi through MC6s omniports)))

Did you ever find an answer to this? I just purchased a compadre and now I saw your message…I’ll have mine hooked up in about 1 week. All updated?