MIDI instruction to MC8

I want to send MIDI instructions to my MC8 in order to simultaneously engage a specific Bank and Preset.

For instance, if I want Bank 10 with Preset E engaged in that Bank, I would send the following messages…

PC 9. And CC 22,1 ?

The PC works, but I can’t get the preset to engage. Please assist?

To engage Preset E, you’ll need to send a CC#14 message. The value depends on what action you want to execute for the preset.

0 = Do Nothing, 1 = On Press, 2 = On Release, 3 = On Long Press, 4 = On Long Press Release, 5 = On Double Tap, 6 = On Double Tap Release, 7 = On Double Tap Hold, 8 = On Double Tap Release, 9 = On Release All, 10 = On Long Press Scroll

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Thanks James, I’ll give that a try. Not sure where I got CC22 from… perhaps got my pages mixed up.

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