MIDI Implementation Library Idea

Hello, friends. As someone who is new to the world of MIDI, I was wondering if there’s a resource where users can share their MIDI implementation strategies.

This forum and the MIDI library within the editor are very helpful but what would be really helpful is to have (that may already exist but I didn’t see it anywhere) is a place where, for example, if someone developed a really cool workflow for how to program a particular pedal, they could share my banks, presets, and implementation strategy and if another Morningstar user just got a new pedal, they could look up to see how others have programmed theirs, understand why they did it that way, download all of the banks/presets that they’ve shared and drop them right into my controller.

This seems like it’d be way faster than me trying to comprehend and replicate them one-by-one and it’d be a great way to lower the “price of admission” for noobs like me while also giving"power users" a chance to share their wisdom with the community and, perhaps, earn some sort of badge or other benefit (beta tester enrollment, swag, etc.) for their contributions.

Does something like this already exist? If so, can someone tell me where to find it. If it doesn’t, can someone build it?

Thanks for reading!

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Morningstar uses openmidi.com to submit midi assignments for various devices. These get merged into a later release of the firmware.

Would be nice if that site could take an export from the user library…

The best way is for users to post text, screenshots and attach json files here, I guess.

Here’s one I did: Tutorial / example - managing preset switching within a bank