MIDI Dictionary?

I must be missing something here because I can’t get the MIDI Dictionary to work from the Preset tab.

Everything works as expected from the Dictionary tab. But if I’m in the Preset tab, create an entry with an action and CC and then select the Dictionary, a pane opens but there’s nothing in it except a heading that says Favourites and ‘Cancel’ and ‘Apply’ buttons.

If I have selected a device in the Dictionary tab and added it to Favourites, the device name shows up under Favourites in the Preset tab but that’s it. It is basically inert and unresponsive to any action.

I have the editor app on my iPad and it works as expected. In the Preset tab you can select the dictionary, then select the device manufacturer, the device, and parameter and the value will be populated.

I’m sure it’s something simple but at the moment I’m flummoxed.

Are you referring to this?

Possible to share a screenshot of what you see?

I reinstalled Chrome thinking that might be the problem but it made no difference.

Yeah seems odd - I think the modal box extends all the way top to bottom which is why the select fields are missing, Not sure why its happening on your platform. Is it Windows 10?

Can you try the beta editor and let me know if the issue persists for you there?


Yes. Still the same problem with the beta editor.

Interestingly, changing the width of the browser window reveals the fields and they can be selected.

The problem may well be related to my machine which is due to be replaced anyway. So it’s really not a burning issue and I have another machine I can use.

If a solution is apparent that would be nice but if not no prob. Thanks James.

Or maybe zooming out in the browser might help. I think there’s a setting we can probably change for this (so the modal box does not overflow), will need to check it out.

Yes, that works. Perfect. Thanks.