Midi Dictionary Bug?

Testing out my new MC8 tonight, beautiful work all around!

In setting up some CC actions for a preset, I noticed the Midi Dictionary (at least I think it’s the midi dictionary) is autopopulating the field below the entry with a different pedal name than the one I am using. Not a big deal, but it could get confusing. See below screen cap:

Ideally, it would say “Decay/Time (GFI System - Specular Tempus)” rather than “Zero CBA Spectre etc…” below the fields. Is there a way to change this? Many thanks!

Edit: Tried copy/pasting settings directly from the dictionary, but the result is the same. CBA Spectre keeps popping up.

I’ve always wondered how it actually determines/matches the device to populate those fields. We are able to name our MIDI devices with free text so I’m wondering if it just uses a fuzzy match.

I expect the best match it finds for the term “spec” is the Chase Bliss Spectre rather than the Specular Tempest.

Try renaming your MIDI device to “Specular Tempest” or “Specular T” and you might have a better result.

I might be wrong, but I think the text shown is made up by matching the PC or CC settings to text entries in User Library, plus the text value configured in controller settings against that MIDI device number?

I guess from reading @ambient’s message again I’m probably wrong! I only have one MIDI pedal so I’m not a great test case :smile:

Thanks both for your advice, I was able to sort it for now by adding entries to the user dictionary when necessary. These seem to ‘override’ the midi dictionary entries.

Yeah user dictionary is your friend. Back it up to a file every now and again though coz it won’t survive Chrome cache clearing.

In the latest beta 3.9.0 firmware it seems you’ll be able to draw in text from user dictionary, midi dictionary AND manually add text as well. Bit buggy atm though!

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I was doing some editing tonight so thought I exeriment.

I named an empty MIDI device slot “spec temp”, assigned some random CC to a preset for MIDI channel “spec temp” and it resolved to the Spectre.

When I changed the device name to “Specular Tem” (under “Controller Settings” > “Edit MIDI Channel Names”) it resolved to the Specular Tempest, as I suspected. PS: I did have to disconnect and reconnect my MC8 for it to pick up the change however.

It is a fuzzy match based on a probability threshold. I guess Spec Temp is very similar to Spectre - I’ll need to refine the algo abit more.

Thanks for playing around a bit @ambient, that did it :slight_smile:

@james - many thanks for the awesome product! Quick q- does the dictionary update often? I noticed there are some more midi controls available in the latest firmware update for the Tempus than are available (complete list can be seen in GFI’s Spec Lab software). Cheers!

I believe the MIDI dictionary is driven by an open source data set that’s hosted on Github here…

So you do have the option of raising a pull request to update the data yourself. I appreciate that isn’t within everyone’s capabilities however.

I’ve been meaning to add the “Cooper FX Generation Loss v2” for a while but still not got round to it.

I’m not sure how often/when the editor pulls new data, its probably fixed/baked in to each version. Maybe @James could clarify.

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As soon as we merge any pull requests into the master branch in the repository, the data will be updated in the editor/openMIDI. So what you see in the editor/openMIDI will always be the latest data.

I guess the easiest way would be to copy an existing file and then changing the values for the device you want to add. If you are not familiar with Github, that’s fine too, you can just send the file to us.

Or you can raise a request to us and we’ll get it added (slowest. We have other priorities but we’ll get this added in due time)

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Amazing, great pipeline!