Midi Dictionary Add-ons Please

I just watched one of Jason Sadites videos on the MC8 (thanks Jason) and he showed where the “Midi-Dictionary” (inside the Editor) shows Midi CC messages for the HX Stomp. Nice, but I have an HX Effects & a Strymon Iridium. Is there a chance the HX Effects and Iridium CC# and Values might be added to the dictionary at some point or is it already in there and I just missed it???

The Iridium is already there. Not yet for the HX Effects (only the HX Stomp). We can look into adding it in the future. This dictionary is also community contributed i.e. anyone can add to it

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Thanks for the info! and I will try adding what I have on the HX-Effects when it is all hooked up lol.

I would like to see axe fx and hologram electronics stuff added