Midi Clock to Tap Tempo

Anyone know of any devices that convert midi clock messages to taps for non-midi controllable pedals that have tap tempo inputs? Can the new midi box do this?

I have 2 tap temp pedals on my board that would be awesome to sync their bpm with my mc6.

I have used both the SmartClock and micro.Clock from Disaster Area. I’ve heard great things about the Selah Quartz as well.

Several months ago I would have recommended the Selah Quartz and I do still enjoy mine, but…

  1. The company has not had them in stock at anytime in over a year.
  2. On the rare occasions you see one used, you are gonna be paying more than the price of a new one. (I had to pay $100 over new price for a used v3)
  3. the software support is dead. When they release firmware 2.0 several months ago, the new desktop editing software only has support for editing names, tempos, and font sizes. and is comical in it’s layout. The only way to full edit all the pedal’s settings and features with a desktop connection is not to upgrade the pedal.

I think the Quartz is dead and not coming back. I’m trying to slowly phase it out of my rig as much as possible.

Did not know this. Thanks for the heads up! I love my Smart Clock. Has 2 tap outs and 2 omni style ports for running midi, aux, etc.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that about them too. Also it’s not great they are releasing firmware updates anymore. I do actually have a quartz but it takes up extra space on the board to only use such a small feature of it.

I am surprised there is not a small form utility style patch box that just has a midi in and a few Jack outputs that converts the signal that you can stick under your board.

A bit late to the party but stumbled upon this thread since I was asking myself the same question. I thought the Morningtar Omniport Relay Interface did this? But to be honest, it took me a while to figure out the ORI was able to do this!