Midi clock to all devices

Hi there,

I am rejigging my board now that I have got a quad cortex. Board was working perfectly before, but now I’ve simplified it I can’t seem to get it just right.

I’ve only got 2 pedals on the board so far.

  • Boss RC-500 looper
  • BeatBuddy drum pedal

I want the beatbuddy to be midi clock master for all devices (including the quad cortex when I connect it in).

I have the beatbuddy connected to the 5 pin in and out on the MC8 and the RC-500 in and out connected to the omniports.

So far I can control either the beatbuddy or the looper, but the looper does not respond to midi clock.

The way I originally solved this issue was by setting midi thru to ‘on’ in the MC8, but that resulted in having wild runaway bpms and every time I touched the tap tempo button the bpm went up to 300. I assume that this was because I was getting a loop back from the midi clock. I was also getting loopback on other button presses.

Is my only option to midi cable the devices serially? Or is there a smarter way to do it via some setting?


I fixed it by re-routing my midi cables. I realised that there is no reason to have a cable coming back to the MC8 so that saved a cable too.

All working and very happy!