MIDI clock thru TRS-MIDI via omniport in MC6 Mk II

Hi James,

first of all, I am really digging the new omniport features on the Morningstar MC6 - thanks a lot for adding these!

I am trying to sync my Arturia Beatstep Pro to MIDI clock. The clock comes into the MC6 from Ableton.

When I connect the Arturia Beatstep Pro via 5-pin-MIDI-Out of the MC6, the clock gets passed on without a problem. However, when I use the new omniport (which is more practical since the Arturia has jack MIDI anyway), I can still send MIDI PCs to the Arturia without any problem BUT the clock doens’t get through anymore. I am using a standard TRS jack to TRS minijack cable.

MIDI thru, MIDI clock persist, cross MIDI thru are of course turned ON, ignore MIDI clock is of course OFF.
I have tried all omniport configurations as well. While the Arturia only receives MIDI PCs on the “MIDI Out - Ring Active” setting, the clock doesn’t get through on any setting. As I stated before it works fine though when I use the 5-pin-MIDI-Out on the MC6.

Any idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I just tested this with my MC8 with the omniports connected to an RC-500 (on MIDI Standard setting) and a Tonal Recall (on MIDI Ring setting) and both are receiving MIDI clock just fine. I’ll set up my MC6 later to test.

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The MC6 works fine with the Tonal Recall connected to the Exp 1 port on MIDI Ring setting as well.

How are you connecting the 5 Pin to the Beatstep? I read in their website that you have to use the included MIDI adapters?

Hi James,

thanks a lot for your quick answers and for testing it. I really appreciate it!

Yes, when I connect the Beatstep Pro via the 5-pin cable I use the included adapter. The MIDI clock then gets sent to the Beatstep. Via omniport (TRS jack to minijack) I can send PCs to the Beatstep Pro but no clock is getting thru.

Hi again,

after more extensive testing I have to say the MIDI clock doesn’t get transferred well enough through the MC6 to sync the Arturia (to Ableton or an Elektro Octatrack) for more than a mnute or two anyway. Then both devices start running out of sync. :frowning: When I sync it directly it works fine for a long period of time.
Is there a way to have this improved in the future?

Thanks for the update.

Can you try the v3.8.5 beta firmware in this link? This was one of the features we improved upon. We’re still getting mixed feedback (mostly about the Chase Bliss Blooper) but if you could test this with Ableton >> MC6 >> Arturia, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hi again,

first of all thanks a lot for working on that issue!

I’ve tried v.3.8.5 and 3.8.6. On both versions the MIDI clock now gets transferred very well to the Arturia Beatstep Pro! So far I’ve only had the chance to test it with Ableton live. I’ve let it run for several minutes and it still was perfectly in sync. So this is a massive win! I’m going to try it with the Elektron Octatrack on Monday.
Unfortunately the Ominiport MIDI features (regardless of the MIDI clock sync) don’t work for me anymore with 3.8.5 and 3.8.6. The Beatstep doesn’t react to MIDI PCs or clock when connected via the Omniport. I have tried all possible MIDI (standard/tip/ring) combinations with both versions, nothing. Of course I’ve used the new Editor 1.1.5.
Any idea on that?

But as I said, MIDI clock thru is now perfectly fine, so this is a great improvement, thank you!


Thanks for the feedback!

Was the Omniport MIDI correct before the update to v3.8.5/6? We tested the omniports with the Boss RC-500 when testing the MIDI clock thru function. I am only able to re-test it when I’m in office on Monday. Will update here once I do.