MIDI Clock Tap (Stone Deaf Tremotron)


I’m having some issues with the midi clock feature on my MC6 mkii. I am running firmware v3.7

I have a pedal that accepts midi clock messages (Stone Deaf Tremotron) and I’m able to control it using CC messages. I have setup a tap preset using the following:

Action: Press
Type: Midi Clock
BPM: 0
Show Tap Menu: Yes

I have Midi Clock Persist turned OFF in controller settings.

I would expect the MC6 to send out the tap messages and for the Tremotron to pick that up but it doesn’t work. I feel like I might be doing something wrong but the manual doesn’t really have much more information.

I’ve also tried this using the “Midi Clock Tap” message type but this doesn’t work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


There are 2 types of messages, MIDI Clock and MIDI Clock Tap.


MIDI Clock allows you to call up a pre-set BPM, or bring up a dedicated menu to tap.

MIDI Clock Tap, which is a different message, allows you to tap in a tempo on the fly.

You can verify whether MIDI Clock messages are being sent out with www.midimonitor.com. Be sure to select MIDI Clock in the settings.

Be sure to exit Editor Mode first on the MC6 before testing.

@seegoodchild super late reply here but curious if you were ever able to get anywhere with this. I’m having the same issue where the Tremotron will respond to pretty much all CC messages but won’t seem to sync with MIDI clock.

I’ve tried with MIDI Beat clock enabled/disabled from the Tremotron’s MIDI settings. I’ve also tried reaching out to Stone Deaf FX about the issue but haven’t heard back yet.