MIDI Clock Tap and MIDI Clock do not trigger with "on disengage", "on first engage" and "on first engage only"

I need MIDI clock to trigger On First Engage, at a minimum. Per James, it appears this is a bug. Can you please fix it ASAP in the next update? Even this week? hehheh. :wink:

Sure, we can push out a quick fix for this. Just to confirm, this is for which model?

Wow thanks! This is in particular for an MC8. On a side note, I also have an MC3 and MC6 Pro, if they can be pushed to those later too. :+1:

Sure, can you let me know if the MC8 firmware below fixes the issue you are facing? I can compile the rest after.

2023-04-12_MC8_Firmware_v_3_11_1_MIDI_Clock_Test.hex (590.8 KB)

thanks! will try when i get home today

so this function appears to work now, HOWEVER, i have noticed my Meris LVX factory defaults (!) every time on power up now…any ideas why? Good thing I don’t’ have too many presets on it.