MIDI Clock stopping on double tap w/ MC8

I use presets for different songs on Sunday mornings, and I had one issue with having a series of changes on button press that included midi clock setting to a given tempo, and in the editor I have “stop MIDI clock” set to No. I have an additional double tap command to send a CC message to bypass/engage a pedal in my chain. Any time I use that double tap it stops the MIDI clock and my delay (Strymon Volante) defaults to whatever tempo it’s preset was originally saved with. I have to then press it again to get MIDI clock to start again. This does not feel like intended functionality

Is the MIDI Clock Persist setting turned on in the Controller Settings >> General Configuration tab? If it is on, MIDI clock will continue running. If it is off, any subsequent action on the controller (switch press etc) will stop the MIDI clock if it is running.