Midi clock start/stop

Hi there,

I’ve got a Boss RC 600 and and a Boss DD 500 and an MC6. I’m wondering if it’s possible to stop midi clock from being sent (for some songs) and then turn it on again for others. I’m new to midi clock but so far it seem that once I turn the midi clock on from the RC 600 it completely over-rides the saved BPM of the DD 500. The only way I was able to get back the original DD 500 BPM’s was to turn the unit off and then on again. I’m hoping the MC 6 can help. Cheers.

Hi, if you use the mc as your master clock you could turn off ‘midi clock persist’. This stops the midi clock when engaging a new preset.
I own a DD500 and I disabled midi clock on the device for the exact same reason, because the clock can’t be disabled for individual patches. What I did instead was, I’ve programmed one of the external control switches on the device to do tap tempo and trigger it by midi CC. This works without having an actual switch connected to the DD. It’s not 100% acurate because you have to programm two CC values for each press (0/127). The result is usually a couple bpm off compared to the midi clock value but it’s good enough for my purposes.


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