MIDI Clock Set up

I have an issue with my new MC6. I can’t make the MIDI Clock to work with my Synesthesia and Timeline.

I don’t want to do tap tempo with the MC6, I just want to pre set the tempo for each preset.

All the settings work: PC#, CC#… I am able to set my pedals to change presets and so on… Midi clock, midi thru it’s ON in all pedals, connections are working, cables too.

Settings in my MC6 are:

Midi clock persist: ON
Midi Thru: ON
Cross Midi Thru: ON
Ignore Clock: OFF

Any idea? Firmware is the latest one.

Hello, David. Have you checked that your other pedals are set to receive MIDI clock? What does your MIDI chain look like?


Turned everything on and off, and it all started working.


Hello I think I have a similar issue. Tap tempo fine, global set clock time no work.

I have a Kemper, Elektron Digitakt and a Meris Polymoon set up with the MC8.

All take Tap Tempo off the MC8 just fine. The Digitakt is set up to the Midi Out of the Kemper, the kemper direct to the MC8, as is the Polymoon (one thru the 5 pin, the Polymoon uses TRS. So that’s a pretty good coverage of connectivity.)

Tap tempo sets them all to the same,

Sending a fixed clock shows up on the Editor Activity monitor, but none of devices respond to it.

All Midi persist, thru, cross are OFF on the MC8.

Bug or am I missing something that needs to be changed somewhere to allow fixed clock to work as well as tap?

(Tap tempo is very good work Morningstar!)

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