MIDI Clock Question

Hi Morning Star friends!

I acquired an MC8 last month and I am trying to get it to sync the tempo on my time-based FX (strymon volante + eventide rose + eventide space) to an external midi controller. The midi controller is sending midi notes + clock to a drum machine and an analog synth and I would love to sync my pedalboard to it. I have the midi controller sending midi into the MC8 through a 5-PIN DIN cable (into midi in of MC8). I have turned midi clock persistence on and I am not sure what else I need to do to achieve my goal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to hearing from you!

You might check if Midi Thru is disabled on your MC8. I’m not sure if Midi Clock is affected by Midi Thru, but it might be the culprit.
Pressing A+H turns Midi Thru on and off.