MIDI Clock on MCC6 MK II

I’m trying to set up MIDI clock on my MC6 and am using a selah quartz v2 to do it. In the simplest scenario

Quartz on channel 10 - DIN out to DIN in on MC6
MC6 DIN out to Midi Solutions Quadra Through
DIN out to Synesthesia DIN in
Synesthesia DIN out to Specular Tempus DIN in

All midi CC and PC commands work on the GFI boxes

When I set a tempo of 120 on the quartz, BPM is NOT changing on the Specular Tempus delay (this preset IS set to global, not local)

Also - when I try to set a BPM using MIDI clock on the MC6, there is nothing changing and no activity shows in the modi monitor. Any suggestions as to what I’m missing here?


Have you set MIDI THRU = ON in Controller Settings?
And MIDI Cross if using USB.

I was told (for another purpose) to have midi thru off and cross midi thru on. I’m only using the USB to connect the controller. Should I have them both “on”?

You’ll just need to turn on MIDI Thru to pass incoming MIDI messages from DIN IN to DIN OUT.
Also be sure to turn off ignore MIDI Clock in the controller settings.