Midi Clock - Not Working v3.12.3

I’ve updated to the latest v3.12.3 for my MC6 MKII, and my Midi Clock seems to not be working. Neither the Midi Clock TAP or Bank Midi Clock is working. I’ve tested it on multiple pedals (Echosystem, HX Stomp) and just seems not to be working on either. I’ve checked the general settings and everything seems to be correct.

UPDATE** I went into general settings, and though all the ports were selected already for MIDI Clock ports. I clicked “Select All” and restarted, and NOW MIDI clock appears to be working again! Hopefully that works if anyone else is having the same issue.

Yes, thanks for the update - glad to know that the issue is resolved.

As it is a new feature, the MIDI Clock port select feature might need to be initialised first.