MIDI Clock Messages

Hey everyone,

I have a question concerning how to use MIDI Clock within the Morningstar products:

On my pedalboard a have a BOSS-RC5 Loopstation that should quantize Start/Stop to the 4ths of a dedicated BPM number.

What I did so far was using Ableton Live as the main sequencer or MIDI Sync Master. When I start in Live, the MC8 passes MIDI Clock through, the RC-5 starts and is perfectly in sync. Quantization works also! LIVE, MC8 and RC-5 are flashing in sync as well!

But honestly I don’t want to carry a laptop with me only for syncing. So I thought, let MC8 become the MIDI Sync Master and use my BOSS DB-90 to generate the Clicktrack via Midi Clock In.

My Problem now: All devices recognize the BPM programmed in the Midi Clock Message of the MC8, but they do not start as they did with Ableton Live. Only exception is a Voicelive3, that at least flashes in Sync with the MC8.

So my question: I assume that the Morningstar Message “MIDI Clock” does, what it says. It sends out a clock, but no Midi Clock Start command, right?

How could I solve this problem, as it seems, that die RC-5 and the DB-90 need a Midi Clock Start Message, to run in sync.

Yes, the MC8 does not send a start message when the MIDI clock starts. You’ll just need to program the start message (under the MIDI Real Time message type) before your message that starts the MIDI clock

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Hey James,

thanks for your answer! I should have found this myself…

This works now! The DB-90 and the RC-5 are now playing in sync. But now I have come to another issue, that keeps me busy.

I use these messages now:

Start the Metronom and having the Loop-Station synced to it:

  1. Realtime Start
  2. Midi Clock 120 BPM

To stop and reset to beginning:

  1. Realtime Start
  2. Realtime Stop
  3. Midi Clock 0 BPM

This works, but here is the problem, that might be specific to the RC-5 Loop Station:

  • As it gets the Start Message, it starts playing/recording
  • But in some cases, I don’t want it to start it in the beginning of the song, but at later song part
  • As it shares on CC# for toggling Start and Stop I came up with this messages to start a song with the RC-5 in sync but not playing
  1. Realtime Start (Starts the RC-5)
  2. Midi Clock 120 BPM
  3. CC#80 127 to RC-5
  4. CC#80 0 to RC-5 ( Stops the RC-5 immediately. BOSS Pedals need these double messages)

… this seems to be buggy, because maybe the messages are too fast for the RC-5 to interpret wether to start or to stop. It is not reliable. So I put a delay in between:

  1. Realtime Start
  2. Midi Clock 120 BPM
  3. Delay 20ms
  4. CC#80 127 to RC-5
  5. CC#80 0 to RC-5

… with Delays ≥20ms it functions reliable with the compromise, that I hear the loop station starting to play a sample for 20ms after it stops.

Does anybody have a tip for this very specific scenario?

When I use Ableton Live as the Sync Master, I can send the CC#80 double messages for Start/Stop as 32ths. First 32th 127, second 32th 0. Then it is reliably in sync and I don’t hear a burst in the beginning.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe switch the order around? I’d try to send 127 on press first, and the other commands on release. Or use an engage preset command to add a bit of delay.

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