MIDI cabling question: Rc500, Specular Tempus, Mc8

Hi I have a boss RC 500, a specular Tempus, and an MC8. I have found the midi tap tempo interactions between the RC 500 and the MC8 to be more complicated than I want to tackle right now, however I do wish to tempo sync the specular tempus to the RC 500 to enjoy all those tempo-synced delay features. Can I do this through the MC8, Or should I run a Midi cable directly between the specular tempus and the RC 500? If I can do it through the MC8, what commands/configuration should I be using? Thanks!

I use the MC8 with my RC500. I initially set the tempo of RC500 rhythm with a tap tempo on MC8 and it runs without issues. In your equation there is one more variable, the specular tempus. In the past I used a Beatbuddy and had to connect it directly with the looper to avoid clock drift. At the time, my MC8 had an older firmware with some issues with clock tempo that I think were resolved by latelly versions that pass the clock received in Midi In to Midi Out without processing it.

In my case, enabling tap tempo with the MC8 as the master impacts any pre-recorded loops, speeding them up or slowing them down, with the corresponding loss in audio quality. I don’t know how to recall the tempo prior to my tap, so Currently I have to write down the default tempo, or hunt for it after it has been changed; I’ve disabled it for now; instead I’m using my boss external foot switch for tap tempo. At the moment, I don’t have a midi cable that will connect the Rc500 (midi A, I think) directly to the Specular Tempus (midi 5-pin), but one is coming later this week. I am wondering if I could make the connection through the MC8, using a standard midi 5-pin cable, which I do have.