MIDI Cable Review

We bought some MIDI cables to review! If you’ve got any questions regarding any of the listed cables, do let us know and we’ll do our best to answer.

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With my Temple Audio footboard, I mainly use the Rockboard FlaX midi cables. A lot of midi cables won’t fit through the slots to run below the board, but those cables work just fine. I’ve thought about clipping off the plastic too, but haven’t ever commited to it. The hinges don’t get in the way and still have a neat appearance. I like the OneControl cables best on my Strymon pedals on the back row. They are really flat and the thin cables are easy to wrap up in tidy bundles.
One negative point for the OneControl cables though, if you have midi splitter boxes in your setup (such as the Midi Solutions Quadra Thru) then the OneControl cables are not capable of carrying power through them in order to power that box.

Thanks for the insights! I didn’t know the OneControl could not power the Quadra Thru. Do you know the reason?

I thought the Quadra Thru was powered by Pin4 (for benefit of others, MIDI standard is data is carried on Pin5 and power is on Pin4)

It’s beyond my knowledge, but I ran an experiment with my cable tester.
the Rockboard FlaX cable lit up for all 5 pins.
the OneControl only lit up for 4 and 5.

also using the red/black test probes on the One Control it confirmed the 2 that lit up as pin 4 and 5 (the 2 right beside the center pin)

I have absolutely no idea those results might mean.

i like the OneControl’s so i bought a few of them and then read this. i was trying to use them with an older Midi Solutions Quadra Thru as well. It worked and then it didn’t. I think i know why now but i had 2 questions you may be able to answer. (When it worked for me I was using a standard cable on the input of the Quadra, but then i put a OneControl on the input and now i know what happened based on your post)

  1. if i feed the Quadra thru with a standard midi cable on the input, with say a Rockboard, then the OneControl’s will work on the 4 outputs? (meaning it’s assumed that something has fed the Quadra Thru power the OneControls can then simply forward data as they were designed)
  2. does the MC8 pump out the new voltage standard to work with the older Midi Solutions Quadra Thru (as i see they have a new Multivoltage version of the Quadra Thru) which i prefer not to buy if i don’t have to


This is from the FAQ and answers your main question. So, the standard cable on the input gives it power.
“MIDI Solutions products draw power from either a MIDI Out or MIDI Thru connected to their MIDI input (MIDI Solutions products with multiple inputs draw power from their first MIDI input, In1).”

  1. tested just now and works fine
  2. I’ve only ever heard of the MIDI Solutions MultiVoltage Quadra Thru and I’m not aware of another version in their product line. It’s worked fine in cases where it has been the power source.

Thanks Jay. that should work on the old box as well. it’s similar, the new box just supports both voltage levels

The Monoprice MIDI Cord has always been one of the best available in the market. It is highly recommended both among my circle of friends and artists in general. Monoprice is a well-regarded brand and is known for its reliable designs and excellent quality control.

How do the MIDI cables that Morningstar now sell on their own shop compare?

Anyone got any experience with these, particularly in comparison with the Rockboard FlaX which are my current go to?