Midi bypass and re-engaging snafu

So I just got my mc8 and cant find this. I am currently running a strymon timeline and big sky and made two presets already, I made a third preset bypassing them, which works, but when I go back to those previous presets (a and b) they won’t engage. Am I doing something wrong? Is that what the release commands are for? How do you use them?

I guess what I’m saying is is that the mc8 will not “turn on” a preset unless the effect being engaged already has a button pressed.

That’s the behaviour on the Strymon devices. If the unit is bypassed, sending a PC message will not engage the pedal. It will only recall the preset. If you want to recall a preset + engage the pedal at the same time, you’ll just need to add a second message which sends a CC#102 value 127 message tp engage the pedal.

Is this an " On First Engage" action?

OK, that seems to have fixed it, thanks. I promise I read the manual and dictionary, but I guess examples would be helpful (and specifically if certain things like this are required for the strymons?).