Midi Box cables and adapters

Hi all.
I’m looking for suggestions and possible links to adapters and Trs cables to clean up my inputs to my midi box.
I’m looking for really minimal right angle adapters to come from each midi enabled pedal (Eg. Mood) to then go to an1/8” Trs or mono (some pedals need mono) cable with a low profile right angle connector to go into the midi box.
I have some adapters etc on order. But just to get it working here is my midi box! I know. What a mess

Ok. All good I figured it out.
The stereo Trs 1/8” adapters (I have one on the left) works for any connection (mono or stereo).

If you’re handy with an iron, these are adequate:

I’ve got 4 or 5 on my board at the moment. They pair well with Squareplug right angle TRS, for very low profile connections.

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When I bought my MC8 I added a collection of adapters from Morningstar. Scroll down on the store page. Morningstar Engineering | Shop

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