Midi Box and Chase Bliss Faves to control multiple pedals

There hasn’t been much or anything I could find on this topic, so here goes:

Chase bliss Faves pedal - small program change midi pedal. Allows program change control of chase bliss as well as other pedal manufacturers. For strymon, the internal faves jumper is set to TS instead of TRS and a TS cable is used. There are ways to use a Y cable to control multiple pedals.

However, it seems like the Midi Box might work to be the ultimate solution to controlling multiple pedals (by different manufacturers and their specific midi implementations) using the small format faves. It’s dimensions allow me to cram it on my board in a manner that even the smallest midi controllers (like the DMC Micro Pro once cables are actually connected) cannot.

So if I go back to TRS on jumper settings - which is stock for Chase Bliss/Faves, and I connect the pedal to the Midi input (TRS->MIDI cable) of the Midi Box, this should allow me to then flip the jumpers on the midi box accordingly and control several other midi pedals… at least in theory?

I just need program change ability, as I will basically use the 9 PC slots on the faves to create 9 global presets - which if I set it up right, would be more than enough to get started for me.

Anybody know anything?

Ping… Bueller?..:wink: